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Richard Huish College is based in Somerset and rated outstanding by Ofsted. They needed a new college website to help attract students and adult learners to their range of academic and vocational courses and apprenticeships. The Richard Huish Group is an independent charitable organisation established by Richard Huish College, an academy sponsor approved by the Department for Education, to support local schools.

The college wanted their website to reflect the vibrant life of the college but at the same time it needed to deliver a huge amount of information clearly and work seamlessly with integrated platforms and the latest developments in web technology.

Richard Huish is a strong brand well known across Somerset for the sixth form college, as well as their five partner schools in the academy sponsorship. Their school and college website needed to be accessible to students, parents and adult learners.

All websites should be easy to find, simple to navigate and meet the needs of each online visitor; the college website also needed to reflect their high performing and nurturing culture and enable visitors to match a course to their ambitions. A great website is fluid – Teapot continue to work closely with Richard Huish on theirs, with ongoing development and a focus on search rankings.

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