Somerset West and Taunton

Graphic Design.

A BIG project


Somerset West and Taunton are our local council and they needed lots of stuff. And not just little stuff – they wanted really really big stuff. Massive brochures and pieces of print. The lovely thing about this job, was that they didn’t want to look like a council! They wanted to be cool, corporate and modern. Our job was to change the way people perceive them.

We started off by bringing some really cool elements into their designs. Fun and daring layouts with lots of lovely bright gradients, photos and pops of colour to bring the designs to life. A far cry from the standard council documents which generally send their readers to sleep. SW&T loved our concept pitch and once we had won the work, we then started wading through the giant documents.

As we worked our magic on these text heavy tombs, other council departments saw what we were up to and jumped on it. We were asked to produce posters, leaflets, newsletters and digital infographics and presentations along the same vivid style. Now the council look really cool and we are very much enjoying helping them achieve their new look. An already big project suddenly got even bigger!

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