St Athans Hotel

WordPress Website


St Athans is a family run hotel in central london. They have been running for over 50 years and needed a new wordpress site. They provide clean, simple and inexpensive accommodation and the site needed to reflect this to attract exactly the right type of client. As the provide budget B&B in London we needed to get the convenient locations across very quickly in the messaging and photos.


St Athans Hotel already had a logo so we had something to work with. This dictated our colour palette and directed the course of the design work. Combined with some new photos we designed and built a wordpress website that looked modern and clean but not too high end or exclusive. The family run and value for money aspect was very important to this client. The ease of booking a room was also critical – we made this super simple by adding a booking functionality at the bottom of the page when scrolling down as well as in the main headline area on the homepage.

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