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We were asked to create the branding and packaging for our client Tam Mason’s range of sugar hand scrubs and fragrances for men and women. The design needed to balance the masculine and feminine elements of the brand and appeal to both markets simultaneously whilst identifying the plant lead ingredient approach.

The classic looking typography of the word mark forms the centrepiece of the pot packaging with the lettering in white set on a soft purple background. We used a lower case typographic finish for the word mark coupled with the upper case tag line. Simple and stylish, it captures the eye of both male and female customers. This versatility gives the client complete flexibility in terms of marketing and stocking options in the future.

The botanical elements of the products’ ingredients are represented in the fine line illustrations that form part of the label design for the box packaging. These combine with small hints of colour that stand out against the white space and the brand’s signature shade of purple. The lively illustrations draw an imaginary line between the product’s plant beginnings and the finished product whilst infusing a dash of extra colour into the overall design.

Having completed the brand exercise for Tam we moved onto the packaging design. We needed to create suitable labelling for the navy blue box packaging and labels for the product silver tins.

We deicded on a box wrap sticker which sealed the outer box but also contained essential information and the gorgeous colours and icons representing the scents form the brand identity. This was to be printed on self adhesive Tintoretto sock which has a lovely texture and quality feel to it. The look was duplicated on the tin labels – also to be printed on the same Tintoretto stock. Little square information cards were created to sit inside the boxes. Also printed on Tintoretto 300gsm card they looked beautiful against the muted blue card box and silver tin.

As Tam Mason hand scrubs were a new product just launching with the brand Teapot Creative had created for them we needed to take the brand across to the digital space too. The bright jewel like colour and sumptuous print gave the brand a luxurious, indulgent feel so the website needed to reflect this. Tam wanted to sell her products on-line too and as there were not a huge amount of them Woo-commerce seemed the natural choice.

This site reflects the ingredients of the products and their nourishing nature. The colours we have used are bright and warm and there is a lot of fabulous life style product photography and great shots of the ingredients used in the scrubs. The scrubs are for both men and women so we needed to make sure the site didn’t become too feminine in design. The use of a beautiful serif font used in her branding gives the site a traditional touch within a modern setting.

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