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Re-branding your business doesn’t have to be scary!

A rebrand involves far more than a new logo. Honing your brand’s identity requires a thorough and meticulous approach; examining everything from your current colour palette and typography, through to the tone of all content, throughout your print and digital media, (social media platforms included). There’s no denying that it can be a scary prospect to take such a leap and the idea may ring alarm bells for you.

Will a rebrand devalue our company? What if our customers dislike it? Can we justify the cost? Do we really need it?

Some agencies will push you to scrap your brand and start again, but not every business wants or needs a complete overhaul! Many of our clients opt for a “spring clean” refresh, enabling their brand to retain its value and comfortably move with the times, without putting a strain on their budget.

Your business is always evolving; your brand should evolve with it

Where your business started is unlikely to be where it is today, and definitely not where it’ll be in 10 years time. As time progresses your consumer base will naturally grow and diversify. This can lead you to a point where the brand image you’re putting out to the market begins to feel outdated and irrelevant.

Asking yourself the following questions will help you to identify whether your brand represents your past, or your current business:

  • Is your tone of voice relevant to your current audience?
  • Does your logo mirror the evolution and progression your business has been through?
  • Is your tagline a true representation of where your business is today?

The idea of a refresh is not to poke holes into your brand, knock it to the ground and start again. The goal here is to find the value and the history in what already exists, then work on making it relevant.

Did you know that Google have had 7 different logos to date? Not to mention frequent updates to their brand assets.

As time has progressed, Google’s user base has stretched far and wide across all locations, genders and age ranges. Over the years this brand has become so much bigger than a search engine, spreading into a vast multitude of markets. Looking at its development, it is clear that the 1997 logo wouldn’t serve as a good representation of where the business is today!

The most recent logo is a modern, bold sans-serif that is super easy to read and fully scalable across every known device. It may appear simple, but its minimalism enables it to cross markets without looking disjointed. While usability is clearly at the heart of the branding, visually the logo has been tweaked and refreshed, never losing sight of its trademark block colours.

Stand out from the crowd

From your logo to your social media content, the brand image you put out into the world is often the first experience a potential new customer will have of you. If your logo is “so so” and your brand messaging is confused, you’re likely to get lost in the noise, which can spell disaster for a business. Keeping your brand unified across all platforms, conveying a clear and cohesive message, is fundamental for any business wanting to successfully stand out from the crowd.

When you place your logo side by side with your competitors, does it stand out? Instagram’s last rebrand back in 2016 caused great controversy at the time, but ultimately gave the photo-sharing app a whole new lease of life. With their audience growing every day, it was recognised that Instagram was attracting a much younger audience. The previous logo did a great job in terms of reflecting the voice and purpose of Instagram, but over time it began to feel dated, looking somewhat lost in the sea of dark blues favoured by other popular social media apps.

Their bold and colourful rebrand clearly took its inspiration from the original brand, but the updated version is fresh, appealing and far more representative of a young audience. This is a fantastic example of a brand taking its history and bringing it forward to remain fresh and relevant.

If you’ve been going back and forth in your mind, unsure about whether to take the leap and refresh your brand; why not get in touch with us here at Teapot Creative for some friendly advice?

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