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Why Having a Responsive Website is Important

There are almost 50 million smartphone users in the UK, so it’s safe to assume that the majority of your target audience will own one. Out of those 50 million around 80% will use their smartphones to research products and make their buying decisions. While it’s already a pretty high number, it’s set to continue to grow throughout 2018, with more than 55 million smartphone users predicted by 2022.

A few years ago the “done thing” was to have a mobile version of your website. As the number of differently sized mobile devices is ever-growing, that method has become outdated and redundant. A responsive website will cater to all device sizes as the site will automatically reformat to fit.

The team at Teapot Creative know how important a responsive design is for your business, so it comes as standard with all of our builds. If you still need convincing we’ve put together a list of the top 3 reasons why responsive web design really is quite important.

1. It will give your mobile users the right impression

It’s now more important than ever to consider how your site looks and functions on a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet, to ensure your users get a pleasant and memorable experience. A mobile visit to your site may be the first contact someone has with your business so you want to make the right impression. Get this wrong and the user may abandon ship and shop somewhere else!

If your product is high-quality and your team have invaluable experience, then a smooth and considered mobile user experience is going to leave the right first impression of your business. If it’s out-dated, clunky and frustrating to use then, unfortunately, that’s the impression that is going to stick.

It’s not as simple as shrinking everything down to fit on a smaller screen though, each element will need to be considered to make sure it looks good and works flawlessly for every user. The menu will need to adapt to suit a smaller device and text on images or sliders will still need to be readable.

Site comparison

2. It’s Google recommended

Google loves a responsive website! The more user-friendly a website is the higher it is likely to rank, the higher it ranks the easier it is for people to find your business via a keyword search.

Choosing a responsive design over a mobile version of your site is also preferred as this stops Google picking up on duplicate content which could also negatively impact your ranking.

With the recent release of mobile-first indexing, it’s now more important than ever to understand how Google reads your website before you’re lost in the crowd. Up until this point, your site will have been crawled, indexed and ranked based on its desktop content, mobile-first means that mobile content will now be the key to securing site visits.

You can find out more about mobile-first via Google’s post – here.

3. It’ll make your life easier

It’s important to make sure your site has fresh and unique content, as this is another box Google is looking to tick with regards to your website. But if you have a desktop version AND and a dedicated mobile version of your website then it can get quite costly. Any updates you make to one, no matter how small, will also need to be made to the other. If you opt for a responsive web design then your update times will be cut in half meaning that it’s not only quicker but cheaper to update your website.

Getting a responsive design in place now will aid in future proofing your site, as more and more devices are being released every year in new dimensions and resolutions. Your responsive site can adapt to fit the environment it’s in which will help to keep your site working on new devices in the near future.

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