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Teapot Creative offers Social Media services to help you to grow your brand via awareness and community engagement; to convert customers into advocates, drive leads & sales, and improve your customer retention.

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Our team have put together a handy list to explain our Social Media Services.

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Strategic Campaign & Channel Design

Be it a brand new campaign to launch across your platform(s) or to plan a look and feel for your channels to make them cohesive and engaging – Teapot has got you covered! We will research your industry and get to know your brand back-to-front, in order to propose the best way to promote your brand and campaigns on social media for either a specific timeframe or as an ongoing project. These proposals can include, but are not limited to:

  • The best times & days to post
  • Optimising budget for the best results
  • Colour palette & font styling
  • Content creation, graphic design & imagery
  • Tone of voice
  • Community engagement
  • Influencer & ambassador outreach with partnership suggestions & curation
  • Competitions & promotions

Content Planning

If a project has a clear strategy and defined goals, success rates increase and social media should be no exception. Teapot will work with you to create a tailored content plan specifically for your chosen social media channels that will work the best for your industry and your online community of followers.

Content plans are used to design the best plan of action to reach your target audiences on each of your social channels. The plan will also propose a personalised creative flow to your content; making it attention grabbing, informative and follow-worthy!

Content Creation

Our fantastic team of designers can create dynamic graphics (link to design page?) and images that can enhance your social posting. The best type of content is unique, exclusive and engaging, so you may want a little help with these but if you do have any images that you’d like to use, we can resize them to suit each social media platform. With a cohesive visual look and feel across all channels, this will help to create and further your brand’s presence within your online community, increase your followers and improve overall content engagement.

Post Copywriting

Not sure what to write or how much? Why not let our experienced and talented copywriters take the stress away from you, so you can focus on other things? Copy for social media posts and platforms will be created to match images and/or correspond with information provided by you or as part of an agreed content plan.

Creating detailed and engaging copy that draws in both previous and new customers, is a great way to become an authoritative hub for information and become a page worth following! Whether you want us to write copy for a few posts or every post, we’re very flexible.

Channel Scheduling

We will work with you to agree upon how often your business needs to be posting on each of your social media channels. You might want two posts a week, a daily post or maybe just weekly. We will then ensure that posts are scheduled in advance. Whether you want to be posting on all channels once a week or a certain platform more frequently, we can help.

All social post scheduling will work to your industry’s and each platform’s best times and days based on your target audience. Hashtags will also be researched thoroughly for maximum visibility and relativity in regards to Twitter and Instagram.

Account Monitoring

You might have the best social media plan but as with anything digital, you should ensure that your account is monitored regularly. This is especially important when it comes to engaging with your audience and responding to queries and comments in a reasonable timeframe. Various forms of account monitoring include but are not limited to:
  • Replying to and interacting with comment
  • Replying to message
  • Engaging with relevant accounts and posts
  • Instagram story re-shares and more
Social Media can be monitored intermittently by Teapot during office hours so you’re free to get on with day to day business. Please note that social media should also be monitored by the company’s in-house staff and any issues following a post should be dealt with as soon as possible. The company is free to contact Teapot during office hours should a problem arise and we will deal with it but outside of hours, the responsibility lies with the company’s own staff members.

Post Boosting/Social Budget Planning

Paid post boosting and planning will be suggested to you as and when we feel it’s a good idea to do so. A budget will be agreed with you for any post boosting and advice will be given based on factual data acquired. We want to help you make the most of your posts.

Social Media Consultancy

A bi-monthly meeting with you will be carried out to discuss post performance and results of all social media campaigns. We will also review your content plan based on the new data to instruct and advise on any changes that should be considered.

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