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Spotlight on Agil8

Agil8 are one of Teapot Creative’s oldest clients and have been with us pretty much from the start of our decade long journey. We have enjoyed working with their team on many aspects of their marketing.

Initially they came to us for a new brand identity – they needed marketing materials to blow their competitors out of the water with something exciting – especially on-line!

We wanted to encapsulate the ‘playful’ nature of the training in the logo by bringing in a hand drawn element to sit alongside a strong and corporate main font. Sticky notes play a big part in their training so we played on the bright colours within the new brand palette. This gave the brand a strong, bold feel which stood out against their competitors who at the time were largely using blue as their brand colour.

Once the brand was complete we applied it to their new website. Our wordpress developers worked tirelessly to create an eye catching, highly informative website which predominantly showcased the range of courses but also helped new clients understand the nature of Agile training.

Since then, we have created Agil8 playing cards, bespoke index cards and sticky notes used during the training sessions plus many other pieces of marketing literature. The business continues to go from strength to strength and is now one of the UK’s largest providers of Agile training and consulting services. The brand holds up well under the pressure! Its remains an anchor for all the work we create and is versatile and easy to work with.

We hope to work with Agil8 for many years to come and are very proud of the design and digital work we create for them.

Agil8 tell us more about their business…

Agil8 are a leading provider of fully accredited Agile training and consulting services in Scrum, Kanban, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Agile Project Management, with a focus on complex and challenging environments.

Led by David Hicks – pioneer of Agile since the 1990s, Agile Alliance Founder and one of the world’s most qualified and experienced Agile practitioners – agil8 have trained over 10,000 people (and counting) as we continue to bring clarity and focus to the business of Agile transformation.

We work with organisations, departments and teams that need a more Agile approach to digital, technology, software and systems development, as well as applying our deep understanding of Agile to less obvious areas as diverse as infrastructure, marketing and cancer care.

Our consulting and coaching expertise enables us to support companies with a wide range of Agile implementation needs, from small lean start-ups to global organisations looking to scale Agile across large and distributed teams.

A brief history of Agile

Although the term Agile software development was originally coined in 2001 (with the creation of the Agile Manifesto), Agile techniques first came into practice in the 1990s with methods such as Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum and DSDM.

Over the course of the 20+ years since then, Agile has continued to grow and evolve in both size and variety, all the way through to the most recent developments including Kanban and an increasing number of frameworks for large scale multi-team Agile such as the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

The roots and origin of Agile principles and practices lie firmly within the area of Software Development. However, since its initial inception, Agile has progressively become more widely recognised and employed outside of Tech.

This wider use of Agile in less-traditional sectors has grown significantly in recent years, with Business change and admin, healthcare, HR and Marketing being amongst some of the most common business functions to adopt this methodology.

How we deliver real value, in the real world

The use of Agile is fine in theory, but without a deep practical understanding of the different approaches and how to make them work in the real world they can often be misunderstood and mis-applied. This kind of expertise only comes with years of experience – and that’s where we come in.

We cut through the hype to help our clients understand and successfully apply agile methods, to deliver projects, products and services that delight their customers. We do this through practical, results-focused training, consulting and coaching for teams, management and senior leadership.

All of our training courses are developed and delivered using an “interactive, learner-centric” approach called “Training from the Back of the Room”. It uses a range of techniques based on the neuro-science of learning, to make the training highly engaging and constructive.

This approach includes the use of Lego and other “team play” based games and simulations as vehicles for learning.

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