Tomorrow evening the Teapot team and their wives, husbands, partners, kids (no dogs – Ade’s allergic to them) are gathering for the second annual Teapot Summer barbecue at Ade’s house.

We had a fantastic time last year with the weather providing the sunshine as ordered and culminating in a fire circle with songs and banter into the wee hours before everyone crashed out in their tents (or under a tree in my case).

The plan for this year is much the same – lots of grub, lots of booze, lots of kids tearing about, camping in the garden and one big trip to the bottle bank on Saturday. Simple.

One Year On

The only change from last year is that the Teapot team was pretty small back then with only seven full and part-time members. The funny thing, is that this seemed big… or maybe the studio was too small already! Tomorrow evening will see a whole new line up of Teapotters joining in the fun.

New Faces

Nick S, Nick C, Alex, Charlotte, Mia, Rich and Ant have all come on board and joined Teapot as the company steadily grows in size and scope. The web team is now five strong; graphic design – three strong; digital marketing & SEO – three strong. Thankfully we now have Charlotte to keep everyone in order as our studio manager.

Young Talent

Our commitment to supporting young people continues. Alex our Digital Marketing Apprentice is celebrating his first anniversary as a Teapotter and he is just one of the five team members under 30 years old. Sadly Nick P returned to UWE (University West of England) to complete the final year of his degree last September having spent his sandwich year with us. Our loss was the recent gain of a web design agency in Bristol although we are all looking forward to seeing him tomorrow at the party.

On The Move… Again

The team’s growth isn’t the only change though. For the second time in as many years we’ve moved studios. We’re only across the car park here at Bowdens Farm but Teapot Towers IV is bigger and better than the rest. It had to be bigger, as in the old studio we were starting to burst at the seams!

Business Time

On the business side of things we’ve been gradually making our mark locally and further afield. Highlights have included becoming the first official Prestashop e-commerce website partner (platinum) and one of only seven in the UK. Our list of clients gets longer and more varied with each week that goes by and thanks to our ever-expanding portfolio of design work and websites.

Next Stop 500

The 250th website was recently completed without much fuss at this end as the web team are wonderfully unphased by such landmarks. They are now busily pushing on with the next 250!

Another Speakers Dinner

Ade has been invited to speak once again at this years SearchLove conference – the foremost gathering of SEO bods in the UK, meanwhile our client base now rather amazingly stretches all the way to Australia and lots of places in between. From thinking a few years ago that having a client in Cornwall was exciting, the presence of international clients is a sure sign of progress for us.

Whats Next???

For a quirky design agency like ours it’s been an exciting 12 months since we last danced under the stars and howled at the moon. Where we will be in 12 months time is a question that all business people would like to know and we are no different. In the absence of a crystal ball and not being ones to tempt fate we’ll simply say a creative place that serves a lot of tea…

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