teapotuseWe have come across old Teapots being used as planters (see image to the right; courtesy of green renaissance) and now one of our Twitter followers has told us how they have ‘jugged’ a smoked kipper in a Teapot! Jugged – for those uneducated people like me – consists of placing smoked kippers in to a jug (or Teapot) of boiling water and leave to stand for 7 minutes. Perfect and delicious fish – why not try it.  If you have a picture of that we would love to see it!

The Teapot Collective really love this image and story and we would like to find out if there are any other Teapot Alternatives out there.

What we want is to collect alternative uses for Teapots or Teapots appearing in odd places and post them on our blog, Facebook Twitter etc. If you have stories, piccies, videos etc which are Teapot Alternative related (without being rude) please let us know. We will also see what we can find and post anything that we come across.

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