I went to see the Emperor Google in search of a pithy quote on moving office or house to start this blog yet in the end I found nothing but removal companies offering their €˜moving office€™ services. The irony of this however was not lost on me for as it happens it is too late for some burly removal men to come in to our little design oasis at Bowdens Farm because we aren’€™t there anymore. Nope. We’€™ve moved!

Like all growing companies, we reached a point back in the summer when as things got busier so did the need for more desks, more computers and more meetings. Perhaps somewhat inevitably, it therefore wasn’€™t long before the €˜’M€™’ word popped up in a conversation one day in the office€.

I should point out that if we had relocated to Aberdeen from Hambridge instead of the 100 metres we€™’ve travelled across the car park you would probably be a bit more impressed! But when it comes down to it, a move is a move no matter how far you are going. At the end of the day it would have taken a lot to get us out of Bowdens Farm. Teapot Creative have found a good home here and we love the relaxed vibe, the pigs and the cracking views.

Deciding to leave the old office took some doing. The problem was that even though there was a motivation to take on a larger office €“ more space means we can expand the team and business etc – we were all very attached to the quirky little room with its white-washed stone walls and exposed beams. Although the Granary wasn’€™t our first base as a company it was the home of the newly formed company. It seems like ages ago already but it was only back in the Spring this year, that Ade€™s company Willow Tree Design joined forces with Barry and Lizzie and Teapot Creative and the Granary became our base.

As is often the case with buildings that we use in our everyday lives, the Granary was much more than just an office and especially so for Lizzie, Barry & Ade. Emotions and business need to be mixed carefully though, so with an eye on the future and after much deliberation (and possibly a few rounds of the €˜paper, scissors, stone€™ game) the decision was reached.

On the move day powered by cups of tea we steadily shifted everything across from the old office bit by bit to the new one. As always, Barry, Ade & Lizzie lead from the front with the painting, carting stuff to and fro, drilling, hammering, window cleaning, clambering up and down ladders, crawling around the attic and other glamorous tasks.

6 weeks or so have passed and barring a few minor jobs still to do, things are looking ship-shape and Bristol fashion. A host of local tradesmen have played their part in the remodeling of the new office. Thanks to the quality of their craftsmanship, if you were to pop in for a nose around you wouldn€™t know that walls have been moved, doors re-hung, a shower installed in one of the loos and other structural work and complicated wiring completed.

Did I mention that the new office has a fully equipped meeting room with WIFI, flat screen television, it€™’s own entrance from the car park, it’s own loo and most importantly of all, not just tea & coffee making facilities but a teapot too? Well, already the room has played host to a few of our own meetings and training events as well as outside companies who needless to say paid a very reasonable sum to hire it€… ahem€. Our bespoke meeting room table seats 10 comfortably and if the room users are staying for lunch then the Smokery cafe is a safe bet for a tasty bite and a relaxing break. Alternatively food can be ordered and brought over without any trouble. Interested? Give us a call or drop us a line.

All in all, the mood in our new HQ is positive as we move into the final part of 2012. Not being ones to let the grass grow long, now that the move is over, we have a new website under construction (in-house of course!), we are hunting for a another web developer to join the team and as if this wasn€™t enough, the range of clients continues to grow week by week. 2013 isn€™t far away and something tells me it is going to be another fascinating year of challenges and change for Teapot Creative.

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