In our teapot shaped corner of the blogosphere, 2014 began with a short piece about waste management in the office inspired by the arrival of our new compost caddie.

My ropey grasp of Maths helped me to calculate that over the course of a year we would get through about 6,700 teabags a year. I went onto explain that with a simple bit of planning and commitment it is quite possible for work places to manage their compostable waste and help to reduce their environmental footprint.

Fast Forward

6 months on and the compost project is going strong making it probably the only New Years resolution that lasted beyond the end of the first week of January. Our team continues to expand meaning more waste to feed the insatiable appetite of Kenny the compost monster.

What Else is Happening?

Composting is of course just one thing that you can do so I thought that it would make an interesting blog to look at what else we’ve done to make our company that little bit greener.

MILK DELIVERIES – Our milkman Keith brings our milk to the door. Reusable glass bottles & we are supporting a local dairy.

CAR SHARING – when heading off to meetings and events we double or triple up whenever possible. Each time this happens its one or more less car on the road.

FAIR TRADE – Coffee and tea are a big part of everyone’s day here at Teapot Towers. I don’t know about you but a non-ethically produced cuppa always leaves a bad taste in our mouths so there’s no place for that here.

REFILLABLE – Coffee isn’t quite as popular as tea here but we get through quite a bit. Sachets use significantly less packaging and then can be recycled. One of my next challenges is to introduce refillable Ecover washing up liquid to the studio. Watch this space.

LIGHTS OUT – As well as using energy saving light bulbs in the studio we also don’t leave them on if we aren’t in the room. A simple thing but it makes a big difference.

RECYCLING – Paper, cardboard, glass, food & drink cans, plastic bottles. All go under the sink into a box ready for collection in the collective bins. If it can be washed out and reused (jam jars. boxes etc) you can bet it will be. The Womble spirit is strong here.

TRY LOCAL – When it comes to catering for meetings or other events at Teapot Towers the grub always comes from the local area. We might not be far from supermarkets but food miles matter as much as supporting local producers and companies.

REUSING – In the past we have bought preloved computers, office chairs, a sofa, map drawers, practically everything in my home office (computer, chair, desk, shelves, drawers) – the list goes on. Save money and energy (embodied energy in products is a big problem).

DON’T PRINT UNLESS… – You have to.

HOME WORKING – I work part of the week at home and from time-to-time other members of the team also home work. Less traffic on the roads, less congestion and less pollution.


None of the above are difficult to organise and that is the main thing that we wanted this blog to demonstrate. In a sense what I am trying to say is that there is no excuse to just fill the bin up and go for the lazy option everytime. Do please let us know using the comment box or via our Facebook page what you’re doing to be green in your company. Spread the word.

Finally, as much as it pains me to join the other dissenters and disagree with one of my all time screen heroes I am going to have to. Sorry Kermit but you were wrong. It is easy being green.

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