As will be pretty clear to anyone who has read any of our Teapot Alternatives blogs in the past, we love tea here at Teapot Creative (the name slightly gives the game away doesn’t it)! As well as our blogs on graphic design, branding, web design and SEO we also like to write about all things tea related. It is a way of paying homage to this most lovely of drinks and also giving all of you faithful blog readers a break from the more serious subjects mentioned earlier!


The teapot sits majestically at the centre of the enduring love affair the British have with tea even though most of us nowadays go for the easy teabag straight in the mug route. Despite this ‘lowering of standards’ (nudge nudge) there is little doubt that the teapot will always be the corner stone of a €˜proper cuppa€™.

For a little while I have been meaning to post a photo of my family’s very modest collection of teapots. Sometimes the ‘story’ behind an object can outweigh the beauty, cost or the standard of craftsmanship of the object itself. This is certainly the case for these three teapots. The Elephant pot – given to my wife and I by my parents shortly after we set up home together; the Chicken pot – inherited from my Grandparents; the Pirate pot – bought on the same day as a family Golden Wedding celebration.

Few people would doubt that objects can be so much more than the sum of their parts and perhaps it is just a coincidence but a cup of tea poured from a special teapot is that little bit more special for it.

As was made wonderfully clear in our recent guest blog €“ The Tao of Tea Time by The Great British Tea Party, stopping what you are doing and gathering around the teapot is not just time well spent, it is essential. The world slows and people come together. It is for this reason that communal tea drinking has a place in cultures around the world.

You know what I am going to ask next don€™t you? Yup, we want to see photos of your teapots and if your willing to share them then the story behind the pot too. The place to post them is on our Facebook page.

Go on, bring your teapot to life. Post it€™s picture and tell it€™s story.

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