Teapot tales come in to us here at Teapot Creative HQ from all sorts of sources €“ news stories, on-line wanderings, social media, friends and clients but this is the first time that one has appeared following a chance meeting in a train carriage.

I was travelling down to London by train from Somerset before Christmas when around about the Bath Spa station part of the journey I got chatting to a fellow passenger seated over the aisle from me. As the train rolled across the waterlogged countryside, Sian and I nattered away finding a shared interest in the weather, books, the failings of the British public transport system, fleeting visits to London and then rather unexpectedly€ teapots.

This last topic crept into the conversation following my mention of the company I work for -€“ the one and only Teapot Creative of course! Before long I was explaining that we have a corner of our blogs dedicated to all things teapot related and this is where the idea for this blog was born.

It turns out that Sian€™s daughter is an artist who has made the odd teapot in the past (see picture). We are always keen to receive new teapot related stuff for the blog and this one was far to good to pass up on so here it is. At last I have got round to bringing this story to life in the Teapot Alternatives corner. Thankyou Sian for the photo of your daughter€™s rather wonderful handmade teapots and for your company on the train down to London. To the rest of you,€“ keep your photos and stories coming in.

The pleasant and out of the blue experience that is meeting someone interesting on your journey, is one of the joys of travelling by train. Although you may know where you are going when you set off from the station you never know whom you might meet and what you might learn about them and the world. Or teapots.

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