Teapot offer Technical support and maintenance services to help you keep your eCommerce store looking great, running perfectly and performing well online.

Your maintenance and support account can be used to request any web service that we offer as an agency, these services include:

  • Technical support for your¬†store
  • Bug fixing
  • Store upgrades
  • Feature enhancement
  • Module development
  • Store design improvements
  • Cross-browser and mobile compatibility support
  • Store graphics creation such as banners, call to actions, etc
  • Store optimisation (Digital Marketing & SEO)
  • Resolving site speed issues

Maintenance and Support Hours

Break / Fix Support

This is a support and maintenance package which works via the support hours bank and is best utilised for Break / Fix issues that are causing disruption to your website’s core functionality and require immediate attention, for example, the ability to complete purchase or payment on an e-commerce site. You can of course log non Break / Fix issues that do not require immediate attention, if you are not utilising any of the other support services.

Managed Support

This works primarily around things such as platform updates, simple site audits which look at speed and performance and general user journey improvements. This is a scheduled recurring review, requiring a low level of support hours via the support hours bank. It provides a level of constant commitment to your site.

Teapot Sprint

This process allows for plenty of conversation and helps to create a deep understanding of client requirements. You will be allocated a dedicated developer who will form a much closer working relationship with you. The recurring meetings will allow us to be proactive in undertaking work and keeping you updated. You will also be able to outline long term objectives and prioritise the tasks you want us to work on within a defined and agreed timeframe.

* Monthly hours purchases are invoiced and payment collected in advance via direct debit.

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