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The Power Of Onboarding

Whatever our product or service, we all want to have a fantastic relationship with our customer base and client onboarding plays an invaluable role in helping us to achieve that goal.

So what is onboarding all about?

Onboarding is ultimately about the process of guiding the journey of our client’s experience with us. This journey begins with a client’s very first impression and continues right through to developing their confidence that we are the right choice to meet their needs. Responding to our clients needs intuitively enables us to create relationships that last and a reputation to be proud of.

Here at Teapot Creative, we have put real passion into developing a fantastic strategy for our onboarding process in order build a strong rapport with our clients. Let’s take a closer look at what we do, and why this is so important to us.

Understanding Your Needs

The only way to truly understand a client and their business needs is to invest time in getting to know them. This means carefully listening to and understanding you, so that we can guide you towards a platform that is the perfect fit for both your immediate business needs and your future growth. This could potentially mean creating a cheaper package than you had envisioned at the outset, but our goal is to secure a long term partnership and mutually rewarding working relationship with you, (which is exponentially more important to us than making a quick buck!)

Setting Client Expectations

Our experienced team understand the importance of setting clients expectations for the delivery of their projects. We know that setting an unrealistic timescale is a recipe for disaster, because unexpected delays can be incredibly aggravating; a situation that would be likely to damage our business relationship.

Fostering trust means being honest and transparent about our processes, so that you know exactly where you stand.

We take care to carefully consider our existing project commitments and team workflow, alongside your needs and then provide you with a realistic deadline that we are confident we are able to meet.

Getting To Know Each Other

It’s really important to us that you get to know the key members of staff who will be contributing towards creating your vision or helping you to build one. Designers, developers, and core team members are far better equipped to meet your needs when armed with a strong sense of who you are. We firmly believe that this familiarity is the foundation of collaboration, so your team will stick with you for the life-cycle of your project. This ensures that you can count on the continuity of knowing exactly who you are working with, enjoying a level of informality and ease as your team communicate quickly, clearly and efficiently.

The Discovery Phase

We might have explored what you are looking for, but to create a project that truly represents who you are we need to dig a little deeper. Our goal is to get to know your vision. Who is your target audience, what is your product or service offering and what brought you to the brand identity you are creating? A sense of what makes you tick is vital in terms of us providing the solutions you require and essential in enabling us to accurately represent your business and products throughout all stages of our planning, design and delivery.

Information Gathering

Once we have a solid sense of who you are, it’s time to make sure we are fully equipped and have access to everything we need. This is the time to ensure that all key information relating to existing or upcoming integrations, your social media accounts and any existing Digital Marketing campaigns is available to us.

Establishing Easy Communication

Staying on track during each phase of a project requires efficient communication, and to facilitate this, we use an excellent project management system called Teamwork that makes it easy for all team members to track progress and stay in the know. With this wonderful system we can share files and messages efficiently, keeping all information relating to each project in one place. The entire team are able to maintain a comprehensive understanding of every step of the process because with Teamwork, sharing information is always a piece of cake.

The mere mention of cake has got me thinking about tea, so I should probably mention at this point that aside from our wonderful project management system, we are always more than happy to welcome you at the studio for a cuppa and a chat, or to pick up the phone should you want to talk things over.

Exploring Your Potential

As a multidisciplined design, web and digital marketing agency, we may be able to assist you in areas you had not even envisioned prior to getting in touch. So, this is the point for us to ensure that you are aware of all the tools we have to offer you; to guide you in not only creating the best offering possible, but in ensuring that you successfully meet industry standards and best practice as well.

Getting The Ball Rolling

We aim to hit the ground running on your behalf, so if there are areas of your business or existing website that we can offer immediate assistance with, we aim to provide quick solutions and speedy improvements. This might involve boosting your Search Engine Optimisation, launching an exciting new MailChimp campaign, suggesting useful website alterations or fixing bugs. We are convinced that you will be impressed with what Teapot Creative has to offer and look forward to becoming integral allies in your future success!

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