Have you ever wondered why teapots drip tea from their spout after pouring? No? Read on and this might become one of those questions you didn€™t know you wanted answering until it was answered for you.

Now I should say that this probably isn€™t the most pressing thing on peoples minds unless they happen to have just poured a cup of tea from their teapot shortly before sitting down to read this blog. It would be fair therefore to ask why on earth did I decide to write a blog about this or at least start one with this question?

Well€¦. whilst on a hunt for teapot related stuff I stumbled across a truly bizarre story which I felt deserved a place in our blog section. You will find the link to the blog at the end. I really do recommend you take the time to have a read as it is a story about science, teapots, great academic minds of the 20th century and a good dose of playful curiosity. Plus there are photos of some wonderfully wacky teapots and of the scientist at the heart of the story, Dr. Joseph Keller who happens to bear more than a passing resemblance to the founder of the Glastonbury Festival €“ the great Michael Eavis!

So go on, grab a cuppa and read about the point where science and tea meet. Here at long last is the link. Enjoy.

IMAGE CREDIT €“ www.shutterstock.com

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