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The Somerset Equus Spotlight

Emma came to us when the business first started and talked through her ideas. It was such an exciting project to be involved in – especially due to our love of horses. It was bringing something very unique to our sleepy corner of Somerset, plus… a much needed service to boot! Emma has had so much professional experience in this sector and combining it with her horse passion seemed a brilliant and logical move.

We designed the Somerset Equus logo as a starting point so Emma could launch the business feeling that her identity was already professional and smart. Businesses putting effort into getting their brand identity designed before they start up, find it helps them launch with confidence and portrays a professional approach to their new clientele.

Once the logo was designed we could then go on to design an A5 leaflet and website to help promote their services. Although Somerset Equus work with horses we didn’t want it to look like a glorified riding school website so we needed to strike a balance between professionalism and friendliness… not to mention the serious note surrounding the type of work they do.

Teapot Creative was so delighted to be involved in this project and continue to work and support the business today. It gives us great pleasure in seeing our clients being successful.

“Somerset Equus is more than halfway through its 5th year. During the time we have grown from 1.5 staff to a team of 1 full time worker and 4 part time, with one post being dedicated to our social media presence.

Our workload has increased by a significant amount. In the first two years we averaged approximately 5/7 children a week over three week days. We now work with a minimum of 14 children a week, being open for business 5 days a week, often more when we are hosting groups from schools. The service we provide has developed alongside feedback from the children and referrers. Where we once offered only equine assisted coaching sessions on the yard, we are now also able to provide full days catering packages, art based sessions and specifically tailored sessions to groups of children, for example, Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness for young people, Understanding Anger, Self Harm Awareness and reduction, and Specific Sexual Health Safeguarding. Due to our growing reputation, we are now being asked to provide outreach work in schools for those children who are in need, but unable to get to our centre. This is a developing service with ready 4 referrals being received within the first week!

Alongside our direct work with children and young people we are also working directly with other professionals. We have provided Leadership and Team Building/Support to Fiverrivers Ltd, and are currently supporting Brymore Academy Pastoral Management with Clinical Consultation over this academic year.

Whilst we have not advertised our company as such, working alongside successful and friendly companies such as Teapot Creative has been instrumental in building a fit for purpose, accessible and relevant website that currant and potential customers can find and navigate easily. Our links with Blackdown Shepherd Huts are not only useful for the horses bedding, but also the donated use of their Towby Hut.

This is my first try at running my own business. I have found it exhilarating and terrifying! There have been times when the relentlessly long hours and hard slog have led me to question my own sanity! That being said, however, the good times are definitely now outlaying the scary ones! Being able to offer services that help and support young people to find their own way forward, and being master of my own destiny at the same time is awesome!

We have been extremely lucky to have other business people around us who have been remarkably generous with their experiences, expertise and knowledge. I feel that our success so far is not only down to our hard work, passion and dedication, but also to those who have and continue to support us along the way.”

– Emma Langdon, Director of Somerset Equus

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