As Monty Python once said, “And now for something completely different.” In this case it happens to be a lovely little story by Teapot Creative’s new friends Mr & Mrs Power of The Great British Tea Party.

The Tao of Tea Time

Every morning Edwyn the cat, Dave the bird and The Pig of And gazed in wonder at the giant teapot and discussed in earnest how they might one day reach it. They had seen Mrs. Day and Mr. Power place curious offerings around it and pour from its spout a steaming, honey-coloured liquid which they knew to be tea. For this was teatime. The afternoon ritual they observed was a mystery to them, but they knew it was important. And the reverence and refreshment they bore witness to revealed much about their human companions.

So one day they set off on their pilgrimage to the hallowed teapot. The journey was long and full of peril, but the three friends were determined to join Mrs.Day and Mr.Power in their precious custom.

When they reached the gleaming pot they realised it was not as big as they had first thought. In fact, it was rather modest in size, which they came to understand befitted its humble but profound ambition. The little teapot strove only to serve its loyal devotees.

Slowly it became clear to Edwyn, Dave and The Pig of And that the teapot provided so much more than tea. Mrs. Day and Mr. Power appeared more convivial and contented than usual when they were gathered around the simple homely oracle. They talked and laughed and shared stories, and all was well with their world. The little teapot had brought them together for a short time, and helped them to forget their cares. They just were. It€™s real gift was not tea after all, but time.

The three friends returned home with a new wisdom. They promised each other that from now on they would take time out of every day to drink tea together and just be.

The Authors…

Based in Taunton, Somerset €˜The Great British Tea Party €™ (GBTP) is a mobile vintage tea party served from a classic Morris Minor van. We offer a British inspired menu of home-baked cakes that reflects the seasons & as much Miles€™ West Country Blend Tea as you can drink, all accompanied by the tinkling tunes of the 1920€²s, 30€²s & 40€²s from our original Bakelite radio.

We can offer tea & cake for 2 to 72 people and tailor your tea party to your bespoke requirements be it a personal, corporate or community occasion. From tea & cake in a box for a romantic marriage proposal or anniversary celebration to our tea pavilion in your garden or grounds with full service. We also provide cupcakes & sharing cakes on an individual commission basis.

The simple pleasure of a cup of tea in a china cup & a slice of cake made with love.
A very British do.


Mrs. Day & Mr. Power

How to get in touch with the Great British Tea Party

You can contact GBTP by telephone or e-mail: 07955 599 906 or

You can view our online photo album at GBTP Flickr photos

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