Anyone with young children or even a hazy memory of childhood songs will no doubt remember the ditty €˜’I’€™m A Little Teapot’€™. Kids have sung about being a teapot for generations, but I wonder how many songs there are about what its like to be a teabag? Probably not all that many but there is however, a wonderful poem€…

I came across €˜’I€™’d Like To Be a Teabag’€™ by Peter Dixon whilst reading my daughters some poems from a children€™s anthology I have had since I was 7 or 8 years old.

Weeks and weeks went by with emails back and forth between the publishers and me in an effort to get permission to use the poem in our blog before I eventually ended up speaking over the phone late one afternoon to the poet Peter Dixon himself. This was a big treat for me as Peter is not just a critically acclaimed poet but it turns out he’s a highly influential figure in the world of education and a real character to boot!

We ended up having a delightful chat with the long and short of it being that we were granted permission to use the poem. If you would like to discover some more of his poems then the collection that this poem comes from is called €“ ‘GROW YOUR OWN POEMS’ (1988) – MacMillan – ISBN 0-333-44599-6

All of us here at Teapot Creative would like to thank Peter for letting us use his fantastic poem. We all agree that being a teabag sounds rather good. Time for you to have a read of the poem and see what you think…. Do let us know as we love hearing from you all.


I‘€™d Like To Be A Teabag€™ by Peter Dixon


I’d like to be a teabag,

€And stay at home all day

And talk to other teabags€

In a teabag sort of way . . .


€l’d love to be a teabag;€

And lie in a little box

And never have to wash my face€

Or change my dirty socks . . .€


l’d like to be a teabag,€

An Earl Grey one perhaps,€

And doze all day and lie around

€With Earl Grey kind of chaps.€


l wouldn’t have to do a thing,€

No homework, jobs or chores

€Comfy in my caddy€

Of teabags and their snores.


€l wouldn’t have to do exams€

Needn’t tidy rooms,€

Or sweep the floor or feed the cat€

Or wash up all the spoons.


€l wouldn’t have to do a thing,€

A life of bliss – you see . . .€

Except that once in all my life€

I`d make a cup of tea!

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