Well, it’s a little while since I introduced you to Taunton Opportunity Group or TOG as they are known and the branding that Teapot have created for them. TOG are one of the few remaining pre-schools in Somerset that cater for children with all sorts of disabilities.

I persuaded the guys here at Teapot that we should support this inspiring team of staff and volunteers further, by donating our time and expertise to developing a brand new website for them.

Their existing website was a simple affair and needed updating so that it matched their newly developed brand identity. It was important that it reflected the school and its pupils whilst being fun and engaging just like a mainstream nursery schools site. There were key messages to get across as well such as donations (TOG is a registered charity) and Ofsted ‘outstanding’ reports.

How did we do it?

To compliment the identity we used simple hand drawn styling to keep the layout soft and friendly. We utilised the logo colours as accents throughout the pages and in the paint splatter background.

Websites always work better with great photography and in this instance we needed to use imagery to reinforce key messages. Put simply – TOG is an inspiring place; the staff members are caring; parents are supported and most importantly the very special children are extremely happy!

Luckily for us TOG had some excellent photos that they had taken themselves and also images that were taken professionally. We used these to bring the written content across the site to life.

The only thing left to do then was to pull out some key messages and calls to action so that site visitors understand what TOG is in within moments of landing on the site.

The final result is a colourful, modern and enticing site, which aims to welcome more children to the wonderful world of Taunton Opportunity Group. To visit their website and see for yourself what the finished result looks like just click here.




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