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Top 10 Prestashop Modules

We have put together a top ten list of Prestashop must have modules. Take a look and please let us know if we have missed a module which should have made it to the top ten. Send us a link via our comments so others can view or download for themselves.

1. Product Export. This produces a CSV file of your entire product database.  You can even select which columns you want to include in the file (price, name, description etc).

2. Send-to-friend now with Captcha.  This is an altered send-to-a-friend module that now includes a captcha security image.

3. Googlebase Shopping Script.  This module creates an xml file that you can upload direct to googlebase, and will display on google shopping.

4. Frontpage categories module.  This module displays your categories in your homepage center column.  It can be a bit tricky to get it to look right. Example This module uses the images that you define for your categories when you create them.

5. YouTube Module.  With this module you can insert a YouTube Video into your homepage center column.

6. Homefeatured products.  This is an alteration to the homefeatured products that gives you the option to randomise the products and also displays an enlarged tooltip image on mouseover.

7. FAQ Module.  This module let you create a FAQ page from your admin area.

8. Ask a question module.  This module adds a link on your product page that lets your visitor ask a question about the product.

9. Share on social networks.  This module adds a number of social networking icons onto your product page.

10. Wiznav navigation bar.  This module creates a customisable horizontal navigation bar into your site.

Download the latest Prestashop Version here:



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