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Top of the Pots

We haven’t come across a pop star themed teapot before but then to be honest we hadn’t been looking until we started the hunt for unusual teapots. Its amazing what you see when you open your eyes as someone once said. Keep the pictures coming into our Facebook page of unusual teapots and teapots put to unusual uses.

Various questions came to mind when I first saw this highly original example of how to make a cool teapot and at the same time pay homage to a musical institution, Mr. Lionel Richie (with a bit of clever word play thrown in for good measure).

Does Mr. Richie have one of these pots and then does he even drink tea? In my mind he is definitely not one of the new breed of vitamin water and organic tofu chomping health obsessed artists. All the same, even multi-million selling soul legends like a nice cup of tea don’t they?

And then the thought occurred to me that maybe the accompanying video (to the song that contained the line, Hello, is it me your looking for?) started out life in  another version altogether. What if it was a teapot being crafted on the potters wheel by the young woman instead of the bust of Mr. Richie’s head which would suggest that it was tea she was looking for after all? OK, perhaps not. Its been a long day.

We at Teapot Creative raise our mugs in a salute to this lovely pot with it’s nifty two part design and of course the man on the pot. All round good work. How about one for Hot Chocolate next (the group of course…)?

If you want to check out the other designs covering everything from Frankenstein to Star Wars storm troopers (more tea, Lord Vader?) then head along to and see for yourself what LennyMud, the artist behind this pot has to offer.

One final thing… These pots are only made in small batches and the demand is pretty high. Understandably so in our opinion. The thing to do is to look out for the message to say more have been made on Lennymud’s Facebook page as this is where new stock and lines are advertised.

Right. Time for a cuppa. You want one, Lionel?

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