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Optimising Images – Tutorial 2 – Using ImageOptim For Macs

In this tutorial we’re going to look at how to optimise images using the ImageOptim tool available as a free download for Mac users. Optimising images for use on the web is an important part of managing your website especially if you are regularly uploading fresh images as part of blogs for instance or perhaps product images on an e-commerce site. Please note that this tool doesn’t resize images it only helps to reduce the size of them by compressing and removing meta data.

In the first of these tutorials we looked at using the GIMP tool. If you’re keen to discover more about the background importance of image optimisation then take a look at the first blog in this series, which gives will give an introduction and a good overview.


TUTORIAL no. 2 – ImageOptim For Mac

– Open ImageOptim. A grey box (pictured below) will appear on your screen.

– Drag and drop your image into the box and then the optimisation process will start automatically. The box will change to show a list set up showing the file name, the size of the file and the savings as a percentage of the original file size (see below). ImageOptim allows you to modify multiple images simultaneously by simply dragging and dropping a list of files into the box.


– Our image was reduced to 3.5mb from the original size of 3.9mb, a saving of 3.9%.


After being run through the ImageOptim tool our image (see below) remains far to large at 3.9mb. ImageOptim is not as effective as the other tools in this series but it comes in handy when used either with small images or when used in conjunction with the other tools as a secondary tool. For instance if you’ve already used GIMP to reduce an image size then you could use ImageOptim to further reduce the file size as even a saving of as little 10kb helps if you’re working with large numbers of images as it all adds up.


Next Tutorial – Photoshop

The next tool we’re taking a look at will be Photoshop. Check back soon to find out how to use it for your image optimisation and if you missed the previous tutorial in this series about using GIMP then have a read whilst you’re waiting for the next blog.






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