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Using Prestashop Maintenance Mode For Development & Site Updates

During development and site updates, the Prestashop maintenance mode is an invaluable tool. Activating the maintenance mode enables you to make back-office changes whilst informing the customer via your home screen that your site is currently being updated. The site will be hidden from Google, therefore stopping any page indexing before a site goes live. This is a valuable function allowing you to fully prepare your site before it goes live.

In our video tutorial (above) we run through setting and functionality. If you would like to access the transcribed voice over guide then simply scroll down. Please leave feedback or comments after you have viewed the video.

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Video Tutorial Transcript

Hello. Welcome to a quick overview of Prestashop maintenance settings and adding your IP address to the back office.

At the moment, we have the store set in maintenance mode so the front-end user is presented with the maintenance page, informing them that the store is temporarily offline. We’d advise using this setting whilst you’re developing the store, before you go live so that the store is not indexed by Google. We’re using the maintenance mode whilst you’re updating products or categories and you don’t want the front-end user to be using the store whilst you’re making these changes. All of the settings for the maintenance mode could be found within preferences and maintenance and are controlled by these settings here.

So, at the moment this store is set in maintenance mode and you can see here that we have the shop disabled. To enable the store, simply click Yes and Save. And if you visit the front-end and refresh, we can now see our original and our usual home page.

TIME – 1:10

And to close the store again, simply click No and Save and then the front-end user is presented with the maintenance page. This is great whilst you’re making changes to stop user shopping while you’re adding products, but if you’re developing the store and making changes, you may well want to see these kind of changes from the front-end live. And to do this, you need to add your IP address to the back office, so that when you’re viewing the store, you see the store open but whilst everybody else views the store on your web address, they see the store close.

A quick recap; an IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies each computer attached to the internet. So, basically every single computer which is attached to the internet has a unique address and this is mine here (see screen) and you can copy and paste this from Google if you want somebody to send their IP address to you so you can add it to the maintenance page. Simply get them to search for “what’s my IP?” and Google will present you with your IP address.

TIME – 2:20

But it’s a little bit easier in the back office. If you’re viewing the store from your PC, all you need to do is “Add My IP” by clicking the button here (see screen) and then within the window, your IP address appears and then you just simply click Save.

So, even though we’ve got the store set to No and it is disabled, because we’ve added our IP address, we can view the store live as if it were out of the maintenance mode. So, if we remove our IP address, the back office has no record of any IP addresses and we click Save and we go back to the front, the store is set into maintenance mode again.

TIME – 3:06

So, a quick recap; all the settings can be found in Preferences > Maintenance and to disable and enable the store, click these two settings here (see screen) and Save, Disable the store. To enable, click Yes and Save. Your store is now live. To Disable the store, click Save, but for you to view it from your PC, click Add My IP and then Save. You have to click Save. Simply clicking the Add IP Address button won’t work. You need to do that and then press Save, which saves your IP address to the system and then if we go back to the front-end, we can see the store live even though we have the store disabled.

TIME – 4:06

If you have somebody who would like to view the store, who isn’t sat at your desk or isn’t on your computer, you can simply get them to search for their IP address with “what’s my IP?” Copy and paste this address here (see screen), all these numbers and then you simply put a comma in and then paste their IP address into the window and then click Save. And you can add as many IP addresses to this list as you like and it doesn’t matter.

What you may find is that you’ve added your IP address and you’ve been working on the store for maybe a week or so, but then all of a sudden, when you go to view the home screen you’re presented with the maintenance page. This is most probably because if you’re operating from a public IP, your internet service provider will change your IP address periodically. If they reboot your modem, your IP address will change. So all you have to do is simply Add My IP address again and Save and it will add your new IP address and you should be able to see the store live from the front-end again.

TIME – 5:18

I hope that’s been useful. If you’ve got any more tips regarding the maintenance settings of Prestashop or adding your IP address, please post them in our comments box and we look forward to seeing you again.

End of Transcript

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