Utopian Retreats at La Finca Paradiso is launching on 3rd June as a new business.  It is a luxury eco retreat, set up as an eco village and absolutely perfect for bespoke group holidays and corporate or creative retreats as it accommodates from 4 to 20 people, in various individual houses, suites and rooms within the estate.

The estate runs on solar power, grows a huge variety of their own fruit and vegetables, and i’ts own own olive oil. The parklike gardens are wonderful to walk around and host a wide variety of wildlife, from Owls to Tortoises and has hundreds of specimen trees from all over the world, such as the Madagascan Blue Palm and the Jamaican Flame

The vision behind the project, was a wish to create a space where people can come together and spend time in harmony with nature, either relaxing, healing or exploring their creative talents.  Their is a dojo with a fully sprung wooden floor which is perfect for martial arts, dance and anything acrobatic, as well as an all weather hymer in the garden which is another ideal space for things such as tai chi, parties, indoor cinema or glamping.  There is also a tiki bar and argentinian parillada.

The retreat is fully staffed with a cook, housekeeper, gardener and site managers (who live on site in their own cottage).  When you are there you don’t need to go anywhere else.  You have total privacy and can lounge around the 18 metre pool or in the smaller pool, play ping pong, sleep in a hammock or chill out on one of the many private and hidden terraces.  They also offer pilates, yoga, reiki, organic aromatherapy massage, sports remidial massage, zumba or beauty treatments.

If you can imagine it they can do it!

Utopian Retreats came to us with a vison of what they wanted to achieve at La Finca and we leapt at the challenge to turn their ideas in to a fully functioning brand that could be taken to the market place. Inspiration was not a problem for us as the client abounds with it and so does this idyllic retreat set in the heart of Spain’s east coast near Almeria.The retreat, which was designed and hand built by the client, has lots of difference influences with it’s most striking builings born from Morrocan

The branding had to appeal to a very particular market, so time was spent in developing up a brand that gelled with the estate, the client and also the niche that it sits in. Colours, logo and font were kept simple, yet rich and evocative. The key to the success of the brand though was always going to be imagery as that is what would sell the space. We helped the client appoint a fantastic photographer who was dispatched to Spain to take as many piccies as he could. The place is so big he worked from Dawn til dusk everyday for 3 days! Once we had all the components the branding and photography was applied to a new website which is very image led. the website is live and can be found at – check it out and let us know what you think. We are on with the next stages of the development so watch this space.

La Finca Paradiso is a small piece of heaven on earth and was created as a place to appreciate the power of nature both within and outside of yourself.


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