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You’d have to be fresh back from your summer holiday or a cave dwelling hermit to have failed to hear about last week’s launch of the new exhibition by Banksy, the world famous British conceptual artist. ‘Dismaland’ is primed to become the big ticket for the next five weeks and a very British one it is too complete with lashing rain (at time of writing!), a seaside location, large doses of cynicism and long cues. With their tongue firmly in the cheek, the marketing team behind it have billed it as the ‘UK’s most disappointing visitor attraction’.

Anyway, what’s this all got to do with Teapot apart from the fact that Dismaland is 45 minutes up the road from here in the old Tropicana lido on Weston-super-Mare’s sea front? Websites – that’s what.

Crashing Websites

When news broke that tickets for Dismaland had gone on sale, the website didn’t take long to crash. This had nothing to do with the quality of the site itself but everything to do with the fact that millions of people visited the site simultaneously. Somewhat understandably the site gave up the ghost when due to people hitting refresh over and over again it could no longer cope. It wasn’t long before the support team had everything running properly again thanks to a hands on approach and good communication from the Dismaland web and media team.

Millions of Visitors

Website support & maintenance packageTo find that there is this much interest in your website is pretty much every website owners dream especially if you’re selling something (cue flashing pound signs) but as soon as things start going wrong and your site can’t cope with the traffic then that is a different story. Websites are always vulnerable to issues that can slow them down or occasionally cause them to crash and this isn’t a problem that’s going to go anyway time soon.

As a site owner the question one has to ask is ‘what do you do when your site goes Pete Tong?’ Have you got the skills and expertise to get it running properly again before too many people have noticed that it’s gone off line? Perhaps you have someone you call when tech problems crop up. What if they’re on holiday? Winging it and taking the approach that it isn’t the end of the world if the site is down for a short time is fine but think of how frustrating it is when you’re the one trying to log onto a site and it just won’t work.

What is more, if you get a lot of traffic reaching your site via search engines results pages then when it won’t load it won’t take people long to head back to Google and try the next site in the search results? About as long as it takes to read that last sentence. Competitor’s site 1. Your site nil.

Maintenance & Support

IMAGE 2 - Support & Maintenance blog - 26-08-15Here at Teapot we have a dedicated maintenance and support team that can help our clients out as soon as issues occur. Once a site has gone live then our clients have the option of either buying a block of support hours or setting up a regular monthly amount. If everything runs smoothly and there is no need to use the support hours then they just roll over into the next month and so on up to 12 months from date of purchase.

A simple email to our support team sets the cogs in motion and the support team will get on the case asap. Real people not robots. Equally, if clients want to invest in digital marketing, SEO or add features like extra graphics or embedded videos then all of this can come under this package.

What this means for site owners is peace of mind. Whether you have a complicated multi-page e-commerce site with hundreds of products and pages or a simple brochure site, the same high level of service applies.

We’ll Look After Your Site

Banksy’s ‘bemusement’ theme park is designed to be a unpleasant dispiriting experience and therefore in some ways the site crashing was almost the appropriate thing to have happened leaving as it did hundreds of thousands of frustrated punters tapping away at their keyboards to no avail.

However, if you want your site to run smoothly, load fast and generally be tip top and stress free both for you and your site visitors, then opt for a Teapot site complete with our support package. Get in touch to find out more about the costs and the other features available and if you manage to get tickets to visit Banksy’s Dismaland over the next few weeks then we hope you have a truly dystopian time.

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