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When To Dig Into Digital Marketing: Before Or After You Build Your Website?

You have a vision in your mind of a beautiful website for your budding brand, and you cannot wait to start building it! At first approach, it might seem as if digital marketing is something that you don’t need to address until further down the road. After all, you can’t start drawing customers until your service is up and running, right? Well, not exactly!

In reality, now is the perfect moment to take a good hard look at digital marketing. Why? Because with a great digital marketing strategy ready prepared, you can make sure that your website has the perfect marketing resources built right into it from the get-go – ready to be harnessed when it’s time to roll that strategy out. Today, we are going to help you get to grips with why this is such a valuable tactic. But first, what exactly is digital marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad umbrella term that covers all efforts you make to draw, sell to, and retain customers via digital means. This includes everything from email marketing to your social media strategy. It comprises on-site activities such as content creation, inserting on-point meta data, and maximising SEO (search engine optimisation). It also includes off-site activities such as advertising on Google and rolling out content elsewhere on the web.

When it comes to the conception stage of your website, it is vital to understand how your site will slot together as the central element of your digital marketing strategy, so it can be constructed with your business goals in mind. Therefore, the answer to our title question – should digital marketing be in play before or after you build your website is a bit of a trick question. Because the answer is absolutely both!

How Do You Know Which Types Of Digital Marketing To Focus On?

Different businesses place varied emphasis on different types of digital marketing. Why? Because they have taken the time to get to know their audience. The key to effective digital marketing is understanding how members of your audience behave online and learning which are the most effective places to meet them with your message. This means performing a decent amount of research and customer profiling at the first opportunity. In this way, you can get to grips with which social media platforms your target audience spend most time on, what search terms they might be typing into Google, and which marketing messages are going to help them connect with your brand the best.

How Should This Impact Your Website At The Build Stage?

If you anticipate using PPC (pay per click) advertising, you need to have a clear idea of where potential customers will land on your website and how they will be funnelled towards a successful sale. A great content strategy on your site – including fantastic page content, and even an enticing blog – can help you to drive organic traffic from Google searches, and give you a wealth of great material for the creation of social media marketing posts.

Identifying how your site will be structured to accommodate the content you need now will mean you don’t have to worry about time-consuming corrections later. Fundamentally, your website is going to be the end-goal destination for potential customers as you connect with them via a range of digital marketing touch points, and you need to ensure that it is up to the task!

What About When Your Website Is Up And Running?

So, now you’ve done the groundwork for your digital marketing, and laid solid foundations by building the right resources into your website design. What comes next? This is the moment for fine-tuning a well-designed machine! Once your site goes live it will be indexed by search engines, opening a new ream of analytical tools to harness. From here, you can get pro-active about rolling out your well-planned digital marketing strategy, and also assessing its performance – both in terms of what is built into your website, and how the different facets of your digital marketing are performing, before making any necessary adjustments. This is the sure-fire path to optimised digital marketing rewards, and maximised growth for your business!

How Can Teapot Creative Help?

Alongside having a team who cannot wait to bring that beautiful website you dream of to life; the Teapot offices are also home to some kick-ass digital marketing experts! We can assist you at every stage of your digital marketing adventure, from performing early-bird market research, to cultivating a polished SEO and content strategy, and rolling out PPC and email campaigns. Whatever your budget, Teapot Creative can cultivate the right support strategy to help you amplify your digital marketing returns.

To discover more about what this might look like, get in touch with the Teapot team today!

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