Who We Are

We Are...

…a design agency based in Somerset – our creativity is fuelled by copious amounts of tea!

We work closely with all of our clients: getting to understand their business, building relationships that last, delivering professional design at affordable prices with a personal touch.

What Do We Do?

All sorts! We offer a wide range of services including Brand and Graphic design, Interior design, Web design and SEO. We can help you with your project no matter how big or small and, once designed, we can deliver the finished product in whatever shape or form – print, signage or an aspect of a retail interior.

Why Do We Do It?

Quite simply – we love it! We enjoy the creative process, meeting new people, experiencing new projects and, most importantly, building a successful business hand in hand with our clients.

Who Do We Do It For?

Individuals, start ups, small and medium businesses, retailers (both independent and high street), schools and colleges, councils… You name the sector and the chances are we’ll have worked in it.



I thrive on creating solutions through my design skills. Drawing on over 20 years experience in a huge array of disciplines.

Branding, graphic and web design, retail interiors and signage.



Even though I’ve been a designer for over 20 years it is still the best job in the world…’ Branding, Graphic Design and Print Specialist. Experienced in dealing with anything from international brands to small businesses.

Chief Technical Officer


I’m Dan, server-side code and database developer specialising in bespoke e-commerce platform extensions and modules. Coding problem solver and support for all websites, big or small. Self-confessed techie, gamer and family man.

Project Manager


Working directly with our Prestashop team and clients I’m responsible for making sure projects run smoothly and are delivered successfully.
Outside of work I enjoy making collage art, reading, film and documentaries but only when not exploring the world and having fun with my wife and three young sons.
Senior Developer


I’ve been building websites for over 15 years, and love nothing more than getting stuck into building a new site and helping clients grow their online business. With a background in graphic design I really enjoy developing the front end of a site and making sure it looks tip top.

Outside of work a love of cricket, playing guitar and DIY keeps me busy!

Web Developer


After completing my Bachelors degree at Plymouth University, I spent my summer backpacking around south east Asia and Australasia. Upon returning, I pursued my passion in web and found myself here at Teapot.

Web Developer


Learned to type before I could walk, I have always been around computers and nothing much has really changed today.

Always keen to learn, I started off in the Support department and taught myself JavaScript / jQuery in my spare time. Thus my obsession with logic, building functionality, and fixing issues has moved me into a Back Office Developers role.

Digital Team Leader


I now head up the WordPress Team and I am managing projects and staff and still enjoy turning bespoke designs into working websites while listening to heavy rock music and drinking tea.

Web Developer


Once an apprentice now a junior web developer on the WordPress Team. I absolutely love playing and watching football, especially Liverpool FC.

Web Developer


A former Teapot Apprentice. I handle a lot of the hosting, server management and site setup for our developers as well as building websites.

It’s great to be a part of the team offering a great service here at Teapot. I love tea and I’m also an avid gamer.

Senior Graphic Designer


I get to make nice things for the print and digital worlds, specialising in branding, digital illustration and packaging development. I’m big on ethically sound design and aim for innovation with a small footprint. I’m also into comics and fossils.

Graphic Designer


Before joining Teapot I studied for my degree in Interior Textiles & Surface Design at Somerset College. My degree was very diverse and I quickly developed a love for digital design.

I’m really enjoying my role here and the process of coming up with a design concept, developing the idea, right through to the finished product.

Digital Designer


My role at Teapot is create all things digital (and to drink copious amounts of tea…). While I mostly work with websites I also design all online assets and emailer templates – anything you need to boost your online presence!

Digital Marketing


Self-proclaimed Lord Adwordz, I manage our client’s PPC campaigns and SEO accounts. Google is a huge part of my work, even more so as a recent Android convert. When not digging through data, you’ll find me beating the office at puzzle bubble or raiding villages on Clash of Clans.

Finance and Administration


I handle all things paper work, which is no easy task given an office full of creative minds. However I have them well trained which generally means they keep their hands off!

Office Administrator


I’m the current Teapot admin! Outside of work, I am an avid football fan and gaming nerd. I also enjoy getting into mosh pits in heavy rock concerts!

Content Creation


I’m your go-to wordsmith. A journalist for more than 12 years, I have vast experience delivering copy to businesses and individuals, including blog posts, website content, and breaking news.

When I’m not writing I love to make stuff – sewing and knitting keep me busy, and I try and run on occasion, with varying levels of success!

Content Creation


My role within Teapot Creative is to create fresh content for our client blogs and social media platforms, supporting the SEO side of the team. Absolutely love my job and fuel my creativity with copious amounts of black coffee.

  • SBA 2016 Winner
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