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Why It Pays To Blog Regularly

The concept of blogging has had quite a revolution since it’s emergence in the 90s. What began as the personal expression of individuals back in the era of jelly shoes and the Spice Girls has made a dramatic ascent, evolving into a compelling tool that you can use to paint an engaging picture of your brand. It can be easy to dismiss the idea as too time consuming, but in doing so you’d be missing a trick. Adding blogging to your marketing arsenal can be just the step that establishes a steady flow of traffic to your website, helping you to build a formidable customer base. Let’s look at why blogging is so effective!

Walking The Fine Line Of Relevancy

Of course we want to drive as many visitors to our website as possible, but we have to keep in mind that getting our strategy right is key to staying within the sweet spot of relevancy. The modern internet user has become adept at quickly filtering the information that they scroll past, click on, or block out. If you think about your own web behaviour, you might find you do it too: How trigger happy are you in relegating marketing emails to the spam folder if you receive too many from one company? How easily do you hide content on Facebook when it becomes annoying? When targeting our online marketing, we have to find that fine balance between having such a low presence that we disappear from the radars of past and potential future customers and becoming overbearing in such a way that our target audience are put off. Ultimately, for those that haven’t already decided that they want to invest in your product, people are looking for entertainment or information (preferably both!) online, and a blog offers the perfect vehicle to stir up interest, stimulate conversation and provide entertaining content – all while keeping our brand and product offering fresh in people’s minds.

Building Your Brand Identity

If you think about your favourite brands, you can probably come up with some complimentary adjectives that describe them. Perhaps the brand you have in mind is fun, vibrant, ethical, traditional or sophisticated? When we build an identity for our business it means that our customers are not only buying our products, but also investing in an idea. Creating a strong brand identity fosters customer loyalty and adds far greater depth to our offering. By blogging, we can build a picture of what our business is all about, and we can establish ourselves as an authority within our area. When a potential customer has a question and we can direct them to a blog on our own website that provides just the information they were looking for, we are able to create a sense of trust in our expertise. For regular readers, opting to buy from us becomes a natural choice because they view us as the go-to authority, set apart from the competition.

Benefit Your Search Engine Optimisation

When you write a blog, sending it out to your newsletter subscribers and posting it on your social media pages, you might mistakenly imagine the work of that blog is done, but in reality, the role of your blog is only just beginning. By writing compelling and informative pieces, we can aim for two things: The first is that we have created content strong enough that it will be shared; The second is that we are answering a question that people need the answer to, and they will find us by searching for the subject that is held within our excellent blog!

If you think about all the other pages on your website, most likely you don’t often change or update the content. Adding blog pages to your site mean more pages of fresh content for Google to index, driving your SEO higher. By this path, as we build a catalogue of content, we create greater authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines, pushing our pages higher in search results and creating more visitors in the long run. In essence, we are working towards building a predictable and established amount of traffic to our website that is reliable and self-driven.

Blogging As A Cost Effective Tool

Making the most of gaining visitors through search results and the taking advantage of the viral nature of shared content is a fantastically cost-effective alternative to paid advertising. While adverts may indeed serve you in bringing more traffic to your website, that flow of visitors will only last as long as you continue to invest. In contrast when you invest in blogging, not only will you develop an automatic flow of visitors, but you also gain the opportunity to experiment with your message and respond to what works the best. Some of your blogs will be more effective than others, and once in a while a piece will hopefully serve as the golden goose that acts as a magnet in bringing you visitors! The key here is that you have an opportunity to create a dialogue with your audience and understand them better, observing what piques their interest and utilising the opportunity for conversation and feedback. This also means that new customers arriving through reading your content will have a better understanding of your product, leading to easier ongoing interaction. These potential benefits are pretty vast in terms of their reach.

Turning Visitors Into Customers

So, once you have established your blog and the traffic is beginning to flow, how do you translate your visitors into customers? It’s important to recognise that only a proportion of your readers will transition into your client base, and that’s OK. Every visitor is a potential lead, whether they commit this week, this month, next year, or simply mention your business to a friend.

We can help things along by always including a call to action in each blog. This can mean including a prompt to subscribe to your email newsletter, a link to a form allowing readers to enter into a promotion or competition, or perhaps directing them straight to the products or showcase of work you were blogging about. Drawing your readers one step further into the world of your offering is a great way to build their confidence in deciding whether your company is the right fit for them.

If you have more questions about how to establish a great blog, the Teapot Creative team are ready to advise. Just give us a shout and we’ll chuck the kettle on!

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