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Why Your Business Needs Mailchimp: Getting To Grips With The Basics!

When you hear the world Mailchimp, what do you imagine? For those who have heard the platform’s name before, email marketing probably springs to mind. But Mailchimp is so much more than an email marketing resource for businesses just like yours.

In fact, Mailchimp is a one-stop shop for all sorts of handy marketing means and audience management tools. Not only can you use it to automate your customer communication, but it also helps you tailor what you share with different subscribers and allows you to analyse and adapt your marketing efforts for maximum return. What is more, Mailchimp is built for ultimate usability, making it a great option for businesses that do not want to have to scratch their heads over things like GDPR compliance or waste time second-guessing their own strategies!

Teapot Creative are immensely proud to be the UK’s first official Mailchimp partner. Not least of all because they are the largest email marketing platform in the world. One of the great appeals of this platform is that its solutions are scalable, with options available for businesses of any size, starting from as little as, well, free! But, before we tell you again that Mailchimp is a go-to that you should not be without, let’s explore exactly what’s on offer, so that you are able to make that call for yourself!

Meeting Your Marketing Needs

Mailchimp’s fun and friendly interfaces allow you to quickly create vibrant and consistent marketing material, ranging from emails that pop, through to social media posts, digital ads, landing pages, and printable media. With fantastic functions and flexible templates, setting a polished brand presentation in motion has never been easier.

Did We Mention Email?

Of course, the magic of Mailchimp did indeed all start with email marketing, and in this area the platform continues to go from strength to strength. Gone are the days of dull and dry text only marketing emails. With Mailchimp, you can speedily build ultra-glossy emails loaded with great design; eye-catching imagery; and links to your latest promotions, products, and top-notch content. This is the kind of email marketing that will really put your business on the map!

Personalise Your Customer Journey

Mailchimp has developed its own vocabulary to help you manifest the best possible marketing strategies. In Mailchimp lingo, your email subscribers are called your audience, and that audience can be divided up into segments. Different segments can be targeted individually, depending on their unique interests or where they are in the customer conversion journey. For example, first-time email subscribers can receive different marketing messages to returning customers who are interested in a certain area of your business. With Mailchimp’s journeys tools, you can gently steer your customers all the way through, from first contact, to purchase, and beyond.

Freeing Up More Time For Your Business

If you are thinking this all sounds pretty complicated, then now is perhaps the perfect moment to touch upon automation! Mailchimp, and the Teapot team too for that matter, understand that for your business, time is the most precious of resources. With this in mind, Mailchimp’s automation tools mean that you can not only set up a self-driving customer contact schedule, but also automate how the segments within your audience are arranged, so that they grow organically.

Analytics To Help You Ace Your Targets

One of the great wonders of the digital age is being able to analyse how people interact with your brand. From Mailchimp’s most basic starting point you can investigate how many people read your emails, click on your ads, or visit your pages. You will be able to see which links they clicked on and which messages resonated the best. So, say goodbye to guess work, and hello to new possibilities! The more you understand your audience, the better positioned you will be to tailor your offering to perfectly meet their needs, and this is something that Mailchimp are pros at assisting in.

State Of The Art Integrations

With no less than 250 potential integrations at your fingertips, you can expand those basic analytics so much further. You can choose to integrate your Mailchimp account with your website, your eCommerce store, your social media accounts, and more. This not only makes marketing a doddle, but it also means that analytics can be consolidated towards that end, unlocking possibilities such as automated emails based on recent purchases, or unifying your emails with customer chat and SMS.

Scalable Solutions

When it comes to Mailchimp, the cherry on the top is that the platform is designed to meet the needs of any size of business. For small brands just starting out on their digital marketing journey, Mailchimp’s most modest offering is entirely free. From there, affordable solutions scale depending on the size of your audience and the scale of your business vision. Finally, if you want to start with a bang or take your Mailchimp marketing to the next level, the Teapot Creative team are here to bring your goals from dream to reality.

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