The latest version of WordPress (3.6) has been launched and has the following new features: 

Revamped Revisions

The previous revisions area in WordPress wasn’t that easy to use as you had to click on a specific date and compare the revisions which was quite time consuming especially if you had an site running for a few years with loads of revisions on a page.

The new version of revisions has been improved with a slider at the top which allows the user to scroll through the changes and see the comparison instantly.



Post Locking

In the previous version of WordPress if two users were editing a page at the same time a small notification at the top of the page/post warned the user that another user was also on the same page. The problem was that both users were able to save and make changes which means that you could easily remove the other users changes.

The new post locking is a big improvement and warns the user if they try to enter a page or post that another user is editing.

b2ap3_thumbnail_postlocking1 b2ap3_thumbnail_postlocking2


Built-in HTML5 media player

Previous versions of WordPress required that you install a plugin which would enable you to display the videos that you uploaded.

The new HTML5 media player in WordPress 3.6 allows you to add some simple shortcode. For example

will add the WordPress 3.6 video to a post or page.

The file formats that are supported are:

  • Audio – m4a, f4a, f4b, oga, ogg
  • Video – mp4, m4v, f4v, f4p, ogv, webm, flv


We recommend hosting large video or audio files on or another similar service unless you have the bandwidth/server that it capable of serving the video to your users.


The Menu Editor

Previous versions of WordPress had a very simple menu management section which allowed you to add pages/posts/categories or custom links to a menu.

The new menu editor has been redesigned to allow you to more easily manage your menus.


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